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prerequisite's Journal

oh, cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore
anything made with raspberries, backroads, boobs, casablanca, discovering shortcuts, drinks with tiny umbrellas, erin burnett, everybody loves raymond, fast money (the show), friends (not the show), glasses, good hair, hilary duff, hot news anchors, ingrid bergman, jessica miller, karen finerman, karl marx, kat von d, kim smith, laughing, leaving rude youtube comments, lonneke engel, maria bartiromo, melissa theuriau, messy hair, my family, naturey stuff, period blood, pleasant smells, political theory, random acts of stupidity, randomness, raspberries, reading youtube comments, rudi bakhtiar, sade, seinfeld, silly conversations, snow, sometimes yardwork, stacy london, tattoos, the 3o5, the beach, the history channel, the lead pussycat doll, the money honey, the street sweety, theory in general, trust, typing in caps, winter