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[21 Jan 2017|02:50pm]
i hate to see this evening end, God only knows when i'll see you again. send a fax or send me a letter, or give me a call that would even be better.
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[28 Dec 2016|09:49pm]
you're all right, but i'm here, darling, to enjoy the party
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[30 Oct 2016|12:06pm]
sometimes, like today, i wish i had been a high school math teacher.
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[30 Oct 2016|12:04pm]
for the life of me i cannot believe we'd ever die for these sins.
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[25 Sep 2016|12:05am]
i could stick around and get along with you, but it doesn't really mean that i'm into you
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[07 Aug 2016|07:01pm]
i can tell you're curious, it's written on your lips
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[02 Jul 2016|05:57pm]
i've been so poor with money this year.
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[12 Jun 2016|01:31am]
i took the posters down so I could hear the walls speak
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[15 May 2016|12:24am]
please stop it. please.
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[15 May 2016|12:09am]
i'm running out of time.
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[15 May 2016|12:07am]
i shouldn't have looked - i'm sorry. my heart aches.
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[14 May 2016|11:51pm]
I wish that you were mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.
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[24 Apr 2016|02:23am]
you want to be more than a friend?
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[10 Apr 2016|08:51pm]
seems like every time you forgot about the words you said and all the promises you made
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[09 Apr 2016|12:47pm]
i wish that you were mine.
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[05 Apr 2016|08:38pm]
you never knew my name.
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[05 Apr 2016|08:29pm]
loving you is free.
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[20 Feb 2016|02:22pm]
five months until forever.
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[27 Jan 2016|09:39pm]
i thirst for spontaneity in my life.
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[21 Jan 2016|08:40pm]
what a long day. it's felt like today was two days in one.

i still can't stop thinking about what happened. i feel so guilty/selfish. is there anything i could've done to help her avoid death? i feel the answer to that is yes because she would've lead a different life had we married. she wouldn't be living or doing what she was at that exact point in time. it'd just be different. i feel so guilty and generally awful. i wish there was something i could've done, something i could do to reverse this. something, anything.
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